Audits in Hours Not in Weeks

Thursday, August 22 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Location: Governor's Square 15

Event Information

Description: In the utilities industry where market and regulatory complexities accelerate the pace of change, Aclara, a utility infrastructure company, aims to be proactive. With a large financial team, 150 managers at Aclara are responsible for reporting to auditors on the financial data access of 850 employees. The challenge is a manual, arduous, resource-intensive process of creating reports for every manager. As it became evident to Aclara its audit processes should be upgraded, management sought a solution to accelerate financial information gathering to satisfy auditor demands. Management then developed a strategy using reporting templates that automated the information gathering process. Today the company’s auditing process takes mere hours, instead of weeks. Join Aclara’s Heather Schloemann, Sr. Business Systems Analyst, to discover how to automate and create effective financial auditing processes, thus reducing auditor-auditee interface.

Type: Demonstration

Show Session ID: JDE-102840





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