Future Data Revisions - Make Changes Whenever!

Wednesday, August 21 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Location: Governor's Square 17

Event Information

Description: Tired of scheduling when you can enter data into the Employee Master? Did you know that the future data program can update information during your Final Payroll process? Future Data application gives you the ability to make changes to multiple employees at one time, either during the payroll cycle, or standalone. We'll walk through the programs and applications, then do an example of a quick way to enter salary changes. Imagine - Human Resources sends you a spreadsheet showing 100 changes to salaries. You can easily import the data into the future data revisions program and either process immediately or wait to run with the payroll!

Type: Lecture

Show Session ID: JDE-106300



INFOCUS-19 Future Data Revisions Final.pptx


  • Technical/Functional