Test to relieve stress! Why JDE E1 load/volume/performance test?

Thursday, August 22 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Location: Director's Row J

Event Information

Description: Any change represents opportunity, but brings along with it associated risk. When you run a JDE E1 project you can mitigate a significant risk by taking steps to ensure that you do not inadvertently degrade the performance of the application in the eyes of your users. Creating load and assessing your infrastructure, your applications and your user experience is a great way to improve the success of your projects. In this session we will look at how load testing can form part of a strategy for delivering successful projects and a first-class service to your user of JDE E1. We will – • to create and run stress testing • Understand scripting for LoadTest™ • Successfully perform a stress test • Effectively review and analyze test results

Type: Lecture

Show Session ID: JDE-106580



  • Technical/Functional