7 Advanced JDE Support Topics with 9.2

Wednesday, August 21 4:45 PM - 5:45 PM

Location: Director's Row E

Event Information

Description: JD Edwards 9.2 is the best release of JD Edwards so far, but it does have some new support challenges. This presentation will dive into the seven following topics and provide answers on how to support them. • Using OMW Web to publish and promote UX One Objects • Issues that arise when Batch Jobs, Media Objects and C Code in database tables. • The challenge of turning off ActiveX Controls. • How to support Dynamic Forms. • Sending email from JD Edwards not working with your email system. • Using Long Usernames and Passwords. • Confusion on how to restore old objects using version control.

Type: Lecture

Show Session ID: JDE-103850



7 Advanced JDE Support Topic_20190716.pptx 7 Advanced JDE Support Topic_20190716.pptx


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